Is Your BlackBerry Email Down?

By Office Space TorontoIn standard17th December, 2009
Blackberry Email is Down, but your receptionist is still answering your calls

Blackberry Email is Down, but your receptionist is still answering your calls

It is going to be a long and frustrating day for many RIM (Research In Motion)  BlackBerry email users. It seems that Research In Motion  has confirmed to that its BIS (BlackBerry Internet Service) servers are experiencing difficulties and that some email services are being delayed. Most people who are experiencing this problem are not having problems with BlackBerry Messenger or browsing the internet.

If you had an office space Toronto or a virtual office Toronto at Telsec that includes telephone answering service, you could call the receptionist and have her update your profile to tell callers that due to a problem with Blackberry email, you may not be getting any of their messages.  Once the Blackberry email is back up and you are receiving your mail, you can simply call the receptionist and have her take off any alerts that you have requested to be placed.

Whether you are an office space client or a virtual office client with live telephone answering service, you can dictate how your calls are answered and how your calls are handled. You can chose to have your calls sent to your office, your voice mail, your cell phone, or even your cottage. If there are times when you will be away for an extended period of time and not able to answer your calls, you can have your professional receptionist inform your callers that you are away and that you will be checking your voice mail. There are plenty of options and different ways to handle your calls, ask the friendly staff at Telsec to help you set things up.

And remember at Telsec Business Centre , the coffee and tea are always complimentary.