Conference Rooms, Boardrooms & Meeting Rooms

Southeast Meeting Room 18th floor

Southeast BoardroomSouth East Boardroom is located on the 18th floor, past the ladies’ washroom through the doors, on the right of the table with a lamp on it. This large meeting room is set up to hold 8 people and equipped with many A/V features including, 60″ plazma screen TV, DVD/VCR, whiteboard, internet & phone access.

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South Meeting Room/Training Room 18th floor

18th Floor Training Room #2This recently created small training room can be configure as a boardroom or converted to classroom style. This room can accommodate up to 20 people boardroom style or 15-18 people classroom style. The best feature of this room is that one wall (from wall to wall and ceiling to floor) is a whiteboard.

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Northwest Meeting Room 19th floor

19th Floor Conference Room
An elegantly appointed boardroom for up to 8 people. Features include high speed Internet Access, along with white Boards and flipcharts.

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East Wing Boardroom 18th floor

Southeast BoardroomThis eloquently styled boardroom tells your customer/clients that your business has class and distinction. The room can hold up to 6 people, it features include full feature telephone, whiteboards and flipcharts and like other rooms it has wired and WiFi internet connections.

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Reception Meeting Room 18th floor

Reception BoardroomReception boardroom located on the 18th floor beside the reception desk seats 5 people comfortably but an extra chair for a 6th person can be easily arranged. Modern furnishings, high speed internet (wired and/or WiFi), TV, DVD, whiteboard & flip charts make it ideal for meeting clients and interviews.

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East Central Meeting Room 18th floor

Kitchen Boardroom #2This intimate meeting room is designed for 4 people. The room features a whiteboard and a flipchart and is ideal for meeting clients for meetings. Like other boardrooms and meeting rooms at Telsec, the room also features high speed internet in the form of a wired connection and WiFi

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Northeast Meeting Room 19th floor

19th Floor Conference RoomThis small meeting room is perfect for meetings of up to 4 people. Features include high speed Internet Access, along with a white Board and flipchart.

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